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Traffic Analysis & Analytics

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The first step in improving website performance is to take a baseline measurement – assess today’s traffic and visitor behavior. Kinetic can install and configure analytical tools to identify sources of traffic, visitor habits and bottlenecks in your conversion funnel. The insight provided by analytics yields heaps of recommendations for improving content and boosting conversion rates.

Curious which ad headline is more compelling, or which product image more appealing? Don’t guess, test! Kinetic can install multivariate testing software on your site to simultaneously compare several variables and identify the optimum combination. Let us experiment with font sizes, body copy, button colors, discounts and more.

Photo of the words 'Analytics Qualified IndividualSeveral members of your Kinetic team are certified Google Analytics Professionals who will work diligently to ensure your company understands the metrics and benchmarks that you deem important. By analyzing these metrics, we can help you better customize your site to make it as user friendly and effective as possible.

Our analytics services include:


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