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We’ve been managing email marketing campaigns for over a decade and see no letdown anytime soon for this medium. With the increase in social media and ecommerce initiatives, email marketing has changed slightly, but is more important than ever.

The challenge for anyone taking on or optimizing an email marketing effort is perceived simplicity. It’s too tempting and easy to crank out a sub-par email campaign from your desktop with no list management, design integrity or analytics in place. While easy, these steps can often cause low ROI, potential blacklisting for spam, and eventual abandonment of the effort all together. From selecting the appropriate service (such as: Mailchimp, Marketo, Capterra, Salesforce, and more) and developing campaign strategies, to email template design and testing, we help clients plan effectively from the beginning. When it’s time to send a campaign, we integrate content and send test messages for review, recommend smart subject lines and ensure email analytics are in place. For clients committed to their email marketing programs, we report on campaign progress and recommend tactics to further optimize efforts. We also offer A/B split testing for email and advanced email analytics.

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