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Tony Chachere (sa-shur-ee) was in fact a real man. Born in 1905, he was a lover of life, hunting, fishing, and perhaps most of all, cooking. He was referred to as the “Ole Master” of fine Cajun cuisine. Tony retired in 1970 and in March 1995, he was honored as the first inductee into the Louisiana Chefs Hall of Fame. He died just one week later, just shy of his 90th birthday. Tony’s legacy has continued to grow from the original Creole Seasoning to a whole family of Creole products. Tony Chachere’s has been making everything taste great for nearly 50 years.

To keep up with this continued popularity and growth, Kinetic worked to overhaul the website with the fine folks at Tony Chachere’s and their ad agency. Their current ecommerce site was outdated, hard to maintain, and not responsive. They yearned for a modern, responsive, user friendly ecommerce website that would appeal to a wide range of consumers and be easy to edit and update themselves.

Kinetic was honored to develop a new custom site where retail consumers have access to recipes, inspiring photos, and an integrated ecommerce function. Business-to-business customers enjoy their own new specialized sections of the site including access to wholesale-specific information. With a bit of training from Kinetic, the Tony Chachere’s team is now able to easily edit the site as needed. Finally, SEO functionality was added to keep Tony Chachere’s top of mind and top of their game for the next 50 years.

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