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The World Games 2022

The World Games 2022

Kinetic was honored when the team of The World Games 2022 came to us looking for a redesign and custom web app solution, and we wanted to help them present this 11-day, international, multi-sport event to the world! Despite being a one-time event, their website needed to be fun and visually appealing to users, easy to operate, and able to withstand high levels of traffic. The World Games’ original design did not reflect the excitement and playfulness that are found in their branding materials, and we wanted to incorporate more of the bright accent colors to make a statement with a clean, modern design.

The previous website was difficult to operate on mobile, so a large focus of the redesign and web app development was optimizing and updating page designs to create a better flow and overall experience for mobile users, focusing specifically on enhancing the homepage, schedule, and venue pages. We created a pop-up prompt for users to add the website to their homescreens, so that when they tap on the custom app icon, they could have a true app-like experience, with a full-screen layout and improved navigation.

As the World Games hosts more than 30 of the fastest growing sports in the world, a high priority item for Kinetic was updating the schedule page to be visually appealing and easy to operate on both desktop and mobile. A key aspect of this design was a filtering option to allow users to find sporting events based on the event category and date, as well as an improved grid layout to show the individual event days and ticket availability.

Kinetic also created a custom countdown plugin, currently featured on the homepage and in the header, to be used for TWG 2022 and any future World Games websites, and worked to improve the site’s accessibility for users across the globe. A unique challenge brought to the table was addressing GDPR compliance, as data protection laws are stricter for our international friends.

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