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Starnes Davis Florie

Starnes Davis Florie

While Starnes Davis Florie tries more complex professional malpractice cases in Alabama than any other firm, as their tagline suggests, they do so much more. They represent a broad range of practice areas, receiving multiple first-tier practice area rankings on a regular basis. They are truly a well-rounded team of exceptional attorneys.

Starnes Davis Florie, a longtime client of Kinetic, wanted a sleek website that stood out among their peers. Although their previous website, also built by Kinetic, had aged well, it needed a modern feel that communicated their professionalism to potential and existing clients, as well as competitors.  Kinetic delivered a sleek functional website with a variety of new advanced functionality and integrations.

Keeping their clients informed is important to them, so Kinetic developed a custom integration that pushes recently published website content into their custom newsletter template within a 3rd-party newsletter platform. This allows them to reach their clients in multiple formats with relative ease. Additionally, Kinetic developed custom print stylesheets for all attorney and practice area pages to allow for easy printing by visitors. Kinetic even created a platform where Starnes admins can compile multiple attorney bios complete with a customizable cover page into a single PDF that Starnes can then print and send to prospective clients as part of their brochure.

With the integration of these and other features, the website has become a valuable extension of their marketing efforts, not only to the employees of Starnes Davis Florie but also to their clients as well.

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