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Oakworth Capital Bank

Oakworth Capital Bank

Oakworth Capital Bank truly has rethought banking — from the way transactions are handled, to how deeply they know their clients, even down to the technology they employ to serve those clients.

Years ago, Oakworth saw Kinetic as a good investment, and since then, Kinetic has been proud to work with them on several projects. As they have continued to grow and expand throughout the last decade, our latest work for them was to redesign and modernize their website.

Oakworth wanted to emphasize their core disciplines and their vision of “Redefining Financial Services.” We highlighted these concepts throughout the site in a variety of ways. To underscore their personalized level of service, we let their clients do the talking. We placed personalized testimonials throughout the site, helping to further deepen their brand. These testimonials offer additional insight into the high level of expertise and unique approach to banking and wealth management that Oakworth is known for.

To complement the responsive on-the-go design, Kinetic integrated other subtle features, including geolocation which changes content, such as website imagery and visible team members, based on which Oakworth office a user is closer to. This customized experience is indicative of Oakworth’s vision. Furthermore, connecting with their clients through the website, social media, and their “Thought Leadership” blog allows Oakworth to maintain the high standards they have set through their relationships and service.

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