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City of Birmingham

Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama and the county seat of Jefferson County, all located in a metropolitan statistical area which is approximately one quarter of Alabama’s population. We love living and working in our hidden little gem of a city and, if you haven’t been here, we’d love to host you.

We were flattered to be asked by the City to improve their website experience for a wide variety of visitors. Providing vital information for these users required a reworked organizational structure as well as a design (both UI and UX) that worked well for the Mayor, the City Council and all of the City departments.

Among the redesigned elements of the site are the standardization of the comprehensive city directory, the integration of a more centralized eServices section, and the introduction of a newly redesigned calendar.

We worked hand-in-hand with the City and Council’s web teams to help them provide the content to support and inform the citizens of our great and thriving city.

Visit the City of Birmingham website
Visit the Birmingham City Council website

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