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Bluegrass Companies

Bluegrass Companies

Bluegrass Companies has been a global leader in industrial demolition and decommissioning since 1979. Their advancements and innovation in diamond wire cutting has and remains one of their key differentiators in the industry today. While headquartered in Greenville Alabama, Bluegrass Companies has offices all over the country as well as in two international locations, Malaysia and Indonesia. 

Kinetic began working with Bluegrass in an effort to increase their organic and paid search traffic (SEO & SEM). After months of analyzing traffic and conversions, Bluegrass and Kinetic determined that a site redesign would be the next step to take Bluegrass to the next level in terms of growth and maximizing their ad spend return-on-investment (ROI).  We were excited to be able to utilize all of the data we had collected to design and build a site that not only matched the cutting-edge nature of Bluegrass’ business but also addressed targeted and defined areas that needed improvement.

We are thrilled to be able to continue efforts to improve the site’s performance and help drive new leads, while providing Bluegrass with a greater ability to manage and control their own digital assets. Bluegrass has been very successful in their industry for a long time, and our hope is that with the addition of this finely-tuned, performance-driven website, they can continue to grow for many years to come.

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