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Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Founded in 1934, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens has been one of the main focal points of the region, hosting more than 330,000 visitors annually on 67 acres spread out over more than 24 garden spaces. When they came to us, they were in need of a site that provided all necessary information to community members and external visitors in an easily navigable and flexible platform. Naturally, we were excited to dig in and help the gardens grow!

Since we knew that they wanted to improve on overall user experience and navigability, we took the time to discuss the overall sitemap and the structure of the content. Additionally, we identified the audience the Gardens were targeting, what those audience members were looking for on the site, and what the Gardens wanted those users to achieve. Once we got a firm understanding of these elements, we worked heavily with the Gardens on branding and design, ensuring that the website would be an extension of their existing brand.

Then, we built the infrastructure for the website, including custom sections and elements for Garden admins to mix and match as they consolidated existing content and laid out the new pages. In collaboration with the Gardens, we identified key areas that we then made dynamic for ease of use. We integrated an advanced calendar system so that visitors could easily find the perfect event for them. We even built a continually updating section on their homepage showing visitors what is currently in bloom or of interest in the gardens at any given moment.

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