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Interactive Multimedia

Photo of several lava lamps in the lower part of Kinetic's cube.

Beyond the standard desktop or mobile screen, there is a world of interconnected devices ready to be used to enhance your brand, to simplify complex processes, or to provide information quickly and efficiently to those who need it.

We have developed kiosks for display booths, conferences, and lobbies. With these kiosks, visitors can touch screens to receive information and entertainment or post selfies on Instagram to see themselves as instantaneous art. We’ve even developed kiosk screens for internal use.

In addition to interactive kiosks, we have experience developing custom presentations for laptop computers and computer projectors. Instead of being confined by PowerPoint’s linear presentation model, we were free to tailor modern fast-paced presentations to look and feel like our client and their brand.

In the video realm, we utilize our expertise in all aspects of video and audio production to provide your brand with a dynamic story. We’ve done them in all shapes and sizes, from beginning to end. And, by the way, good video footage will look great in an interactive environment. To make sure you get a high-quality product that meets your needs, we offer:

    • Strategic thinking and smart script writing
    • Studio or on-location filming — and we can also scout locations for you
    • Incorporation of 3D animation or graphics
    • Editing — until it’s perfect
    • Optimization for the medium that’s best for your audience

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