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Ten Things You Should Know About Kinetic

Wow, thanks for making it this far. Either you think Kinetic might be able to help your company or you find the site somewhat entertaining so far.

We noticed that much of what we share in our introductory meetings with clients wasn’t already on the website and asked ourselves why. Since we didn’t find an answer, here we (and you) are.

We were there at the beginning.
Most big cities didn’t have web companies in 1995, let alone Birmingham. We were there for the boom and the bust, through noisy dial-up modems, AOL and Netscape, Web 2.0 and even today’s social media craze.

Flexibility is our biggest competitive advantage.
We have no desire to be the biggest web studio in town — just the best. And in an evolving industry like ours, firms need to be nimble. Our team members wear multiple hats. We’re efficient multi-taskers. And when clients need us to focus all of our effort, we can move mountains.

We have humble beginnings.
Before the fancy digs on Morris Avenue, Kinetic was incubated at Jay’s apartment in the Inverness area of Birmingham. Staff during those good ‘ol days were encouraged to bring back something for the crew if they ventured across Highway 280 to Taco Bell.

We love non-profits.
It’s probably safe to say that no web studio in town has done more for arts and culture organizations than Kinetic. Our non-profit clients, to name a few, include Children’s Hospital, Birmingham Museum of Art, Lakeshore Foundation, Sight Savers America, Birmingham Zoo, Smile-A-Mile, Aletheia House, Children’s Harbor, Community Grief Support, and Disability Rights and Resources.

We speak frankly and carry fun attitudes.
Honesty is the best policy, as they say. Our unique, third-party perspective is one of the biggest assets we can put to work on behalf of our clients. We may play devil’s advocate or challenge assumptions, but we’ll do so with a smile and with your best interest at heart.

We like projects that make business sense.
We mean business. We’re keenly aware of ways that web technology can save money and boost revenues. We like projects with an instant positive ROI and the ability to return the initial investment hundreds of times over. And we’ll share our recommendations to get your project to that point.

We’re on solid financial ground.
We have been for some time — thanks to smart, fiscally responsible management and a manageable growth strategy. We’re not over-leveraged or beholden to out-of-town venture capital. There’s been some luck along the way too, like when we sold a domain www.kcom.com to a British telecommunications company during the dot com boom. Ask Jay to tell you the story.

We’re solutions in search of problems.
If we see a way that technology can solve a business problem, we’ll often work backwards to identify clients that can benefit most from it. We’re proactive. Not in a pitchy salesman sort of way, but more like a consultant with initiative.

Quality is key.
Websites and online applications are deceptively simple, but we all notice when they break. We go to extraordinary lengths to avoid repeating the same mistake twice. We have lots of checklists. We document our processes. We test six ways from Sunday. Then we do it all again.

Integrity is a big deal.
We spend a lot of time thinking and discussing issues of business ethics. Our reputation is important to us. We’ve turned down business that didn’t gel with our values. We try to conduct all of our business in a way that would make mom proud.