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Royalty Free Images of Birmingham

Photo of 'WeWe try to give back whenever we can, and a recent opportunity was just the chance we were looking for to share and share alike with Birmingham businesses and non-profits and our peers in the creative and design business.

You see, there’s nothing worse for a designer than to have a killer creative concept and no budget or availability to use the perfect photograph to tie it all together. It’s like trying to bake a pie with no crust, bread with no flour, well, you get the idea. And if you’re a designer charged with promoting the City of Birmingham, a dearth of quality images leaves you cooking an omelet with no eggs.

You see, the Magic City has been re-earning its nickname of late, with new developments like Railroad Park popping up and numerous logo changes atop our banking skyscrapers. Stock photography of Birmingham has been obsolescing at a dizzying pace.

Enter our friends and clients over at RotorWing, who had generously agreed to work off some of their web fees in helicopter rides (yes, it was as cool as it sounds). When we realized that we had a free seat, we invited a photographer to join us in exchange for a memory card full of Birmingham images.

We offer these images to anyone who wishes to use them under the Creative Commons license. We’d love attribution anywhere possible (Image courtesy of Kinetic Communications) with a link back to https://kinetic.com for online uses. If you use them, be sure to let us know how via the ‘ol Contact form.