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Kinetic Parking Map

  • As you follow our directions to Morris Avenue and pull on to the cobblestone road, resist the urge to pull into the parking deck. Continue up the cobblestone where you will see street parking (highlighted in blue). Generally, there is metered parking available — you can pay with old-school coins (half-off!) or via the ParkMobile app.
  • If you can’t find any rockstar street parking, pass the red caboose and peek under the big bridge overpass (Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N/21st Street). If you see a spot there, you can park under the bridge for free.
  • You can also pass the robot wall mural and condos on the right where you’ll see a “Park Here” sign directing you to two large ParkMobile lots.
  • Still no luck on a metered spot? Continue and turn right at 23rd Street and enter lot A-2. You can also enter lot A-2 from First Avenue North by turning onto 23th Street. Once you’ve entered the lot, you can drive back toward Kinetic and park closer to our building. Note that parking in lot A-2 costs $1 per hour or $4 for the entire day (bills, MC/Visa, AMEX, Discover are all accepted).
  • You can also do the ParkMobile thing across from Cayo Coco and Bar La Fete, or find street parking on 1st Avenue North. There’s a staircase near the 21st Street Bridge that will put you on Morris Avenue right in front of Kinetic.
  • You can also nab some free parking a block down under the 22nd St. N bridge, in the “valet” area by the Kelly Hotel just off 1st Ave N, or on top of the 22nd St. N bridge, where there is unmetered street parking.
  • Finally, if all else fails, you can swing back around and park in the John Hand Building Garage.

We look forward to seeing you!

kinetic parking options

electric car charging station iconIf you have an electric vehicle, we have a reserved parking spot and charging station on the side of our building.
It is located on the right once you turn in just past our red caboose.