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Kinetic Arcade

Need a breather? Bored stiff? Spend a little time honing your hand-eye coordination with our simple digital games. And don’t hesitate to bookmark this page if you’re not allowed to keep games on your hard drive…only don’t let on we told ya to.

P.S. If you get busted playing our games, just play it cool and say, “This is such a great website. Very catchy, very interactive. I bet they could do a lot for us, too. You should check it out.” Then casually close your browser and head back to your spreadsheet, real quiet-like.

Note: These games require the Flash plug-in. If you do not have the latest version, you’ll probably want to get it.

pak-man_icon (61 K)
spaceinvaders_icon (26 K)
kpong_new (62 K)
sudoku-logo (42 k)
k-simon_icon (28 K)